“Thanks Dan! This was a fantastic course, it was not difficult and the results were enlightening. My standard programming needed a good ol’ reset, Thanks for helping me break those old loops.”
Paul - Founder Type One Outdoors

Are you living big, bold and badass?!

Badass Diabetic Llc is the ultimate resource for participants to learn to live beyond their life circumstances.  Life can be hard, but with our support you will gain confidence and learn to identify yourself as Tough and Uncompromising. (BADASS!) Through education, motivation, and accountability, your MINDSET will shift. You will create remarkable results because you say so, and nothing is going to stop you!

“Dan is an amazing motivator, pushes you to your max without making you feel incompetent…..” Angie


With over 20 years of Personal Training and Life Coaching experience, Dan Bernard has worked with thousands of clients all over the World.  Dan is a husband, father, T1D warrior, educator, motivator, and mentor. With his unique ability to be compassionate while truth telling, Dan is well known for connecting with his clients in such a way that they begin to create results in their life that were previously unattainable.

“I am able to step back & see situations rather than being so close to something I can’t see the forest for the trees.” Robbie


We work with individuals, teams, corporations, camps, gyms, and other groups from all over the World. If you and/or your “team” are looking to build confidence, break through plateaus and gain the skills necessary to take your results to the next level, you have come to the right place! We offer programs designed for:

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“I feel like I have awoke to myself, who I wanted to be and who I now see as an option to be. I feel like I have stopped numbing my “stuff” and now can look at, process the “stuff” and choose what I carry with me and what I leave behind that is not serving me.”
Anne - JDRF and Founder of The Wonder Mom Project


The goal of this coaching resource is to support you at achieving remarkable results in your life! This educational training system teaches participants how to create new relationships with the thoughts, emotions and excuses that previously kept them from reaching their goals.

Dan is super supportive and makes me feel my success is as important to him as it is to me…..” Denise

Our Training System

Identifies your disempowering patterns and associated thoughts and emotions

Teaches you how to interrupt the thoughts and emotions that trigger self-defeating patterns

Increases your focus, motivation, intentionality, commitment and drive

Produces increased results

What You Can Expect

Feel turned on and alive

Desire to be accountable

Increased capacity to create

Confidence to tackle any challenge

Interactive weekly goal/mindset tracking

Weekly calls with a supportive community

Weekly coaching that creates breakthrough

“Dan helped me reach a monumental milestone in my life…..” Brian

Choose the option below that works best for you and get started today!


Designed for participants that prefer to work with their coach in a private setting.

Real Time Coaching - Interactive

12 Weeks - 1 on 1 - Daily Coaching

Charlotte Clients Only! 12 Weeks of DAILY in person mentorship. This program requires the applicant to be interviewed and approved for participation. Limited Availability. (CURRENTLY WAITLISTED - email dan@badassdiabetic.org to be added to the waitlist)

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Real Time Coaching - Interactive

12 Weeks - 1 on 1 - Weekly Coaching

12 Weeks of in person or remote 1 on 1 Mindset Coaching - Weekly meetings (up to 60 minutes per session)

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Pre-Recorded - Listen at your own pace

Pre-Recorded - Listen at your own pace

Eliminate Stress/Tension/Fear/Anxiety
19.99 80.00

A 4 part Audio Book created to introduce you to several techniques that will help you re-evaluate your past, source new meaning for the present and re-imagine the future. If you are living with tension/stress/fear/anxiety and want more love/connection/peace/fulfillment this is a great place to start!

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Take Your Life to the Next Level!
59.99 240.00

This is a 12 Part Audio Book (designed to be completed over 12 weeks) created to help guide the listener through a series of distinctions that creates new possibility in your life. This course is an introduction to concepts discussed in depth in your live coaching series.

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“Coaching with Dan has transformed my mindset from impossible to possible…..” Renee


Designed to work with “natural teams” to produce their desired results (Health, Wealth, CHEMISTRY, productivity, effectiveness, championships….)

Mindset Coaching - Group Conference Call

(Minimum 35 Maximum 100 Participants per “team”) 12 Weeks of remote Mindset Coaching via Group Conference Call - Weekly meetings (up to 60 minutes per session) Calls are the same time and day every week.

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If your organization is interested in our EDUCATION. MOTIVATION. EMPOWERMENT. cd-book-workbook for your employees/teams/camps/groups please email dan@badassdiabetic.org for details.


If you are interested in having Badass Diabetic speak at an upcoming event or participate in a Lunch and Learn series, please email dan@badassdiabetic.org with request details. (Price Varies)

“Dan is an amazing trainer. He pushed me far enough in each session to see results every week, but not so far that I felt tortured after training with him…..” Erin

“Dan is a coach that creates movement in your life…..” Laura

Free Audio Clips

(Each recording has 14 seconds of silence before the call begins - be patient)

“Coach Dan has been great with my son who is on the autism spectrum…..” Nikki

“Dan’s workouts are the best I’ve ever had…..” Daniel