WORKOUT PROGRAMS - It's time to get serious about your health and get support from a team of PROFESSIONALS who's job is to get you to your results!  EveryBODY is different, so we provide many options to get to the same result - your goals.  Decide what type of training you would be excited and motivated to participate in, pick a plan and let's get going! All plans are 12 weeks long and COME WITH COACHING SUPPORT TO GET YOU MOVING, KEEP YOU MOVING AND EDUCATE, MOTIVATE AND HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE!!!

Type 1 Wednesdays - Group Personal Training - In person - VSP Charlotte

12 sessions (up to 60 minutes per session) for group personal training classes for Type 1 Diabetics only. Wednesdays 630-730pm at our Charlotte NC location.

Type 2 Tuesdays Group Personal Training - In person - VSP Charlotte

12 sessions (up to 60 minutes per session) for group personal training classes for Type 2 Diabetics and Pre-diabetics only. Tuesdays 630-730pm

1 on 1 - In person - Personal Training - VSP Charlotte

12 Sessions - Completely Customized Program (60 Minute Sessions)

Work directly with a Fitness Industry Professional.  It doesn't matter if you are a 90 year old power lifting grandma, type 1 diabetic mountain climber, professional athlete or couch to 5k novice.  You have direct access to our best coaches and we will work with you to create a workout program guaranteed to achieve results!

All programs come with an incredibly easy to use and intuitive App.  This App allows you to interact with your trainer, access all of your workouts (use them real time at the gym or at home or outside etc etc, make any desired changes and record when you are done),  sync your fit-bit, track your nutrition (by scanning barcodes if you wish) , track your measurements and progress photos, print your grocery list for the week, check out your 12 week calendar, and SO MUCH MORE!!! (you can also use a laptop, tablet, or desktop if you don't want to use the App)

EVERY MOVEMENT of EVERY EXERCISE in EVERY WORKOUT for EVERY PROGRAM has: 1. A video to demonstrate the movement 2. A detailed written description of how to do the exercise 3. A thorough breakdown of muscles used, exercise category, difficultly level etc.  Here is a small sample.


Kettlebells - Advanced 1


Static Rower

Time     RPE

6m       6 RPE


Kettlebell Front Squat

Set     Weight     Reps     Rest

1          10 lbs     20        1m

2          15 lbs     20        1m

3          20 lbs     20        1m


Double Kettlebell Split Jerk

Set     Weight     Reps     Rest

1       10 lbs       16         1m 30s

2       10 lbs       16         1m 30s

3       10 lbs       16         1m 30s


Super Set


Kettlebell Swing

Set     Weight     Time

1         20 lbs      1m

2         20 lbs      1m

3         20 lbs      1m

4         20 lbs      1m


Alternating Kettlebell Hang Clean

Set     Weight     Time      Rest

1          30 lbs      1m        1m

2          30 lbs      1m        1m

3          40 lbs      1m        1m

4          40 lbs      1m        1m


Kettlebell Alternating Row

Set      Weight      Reps     Rest

1          50 lbs       30         1m

2          50 lbs       30         1m

3          50 lbs       30         1m


Alternating Kettlebell Renegade Rows

Set     Weight     Reps     Rest

1        20 lbs        20      1m 30s

2        20 lbs        20      1m 30s

3        20 lbs        20      1m 30s


Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (Lunge style)

Set     Weight     Reps     Rest

1         10 lbs       20     1m 30s

2         10 lbs       20     1m 30s


Elliptical Trainer

Time     RPE

6m      6 RPE

  • Instructions
  1. Grab a mat and a kettlebell in your right hand (with an overhand grip) and lay down on your back. Press your right arm towards the ceiling so that it is vertical from the floor with the kettlebell resting on the back of your forearm. Your left knee should be bent to a 90 degree angle with your foot planted on the floor, your right leg should be extended, flat on the floor. Keep your sight focused on the bottom of the kettlebell. This is your starting position.
  2. To initiate this movement, exhale and bring your torso up and off the floor until you are sitting upright. Tip: Keep your arm pressed towards the ceiling throughout.
  3. Next, inhale and place your left arm out wide on the floor and bring your bodyweight across onto it. As you do so, bring your right leg around and under your body so that you are now at the bottom of a lunge.
  4. Exhale and elevate your body into a standing position. Remember to keep the kettlebell pressed towards the ceiling and maintain good posture throughout.
  5. After a brief pause, return your body back to its starting position along the same path.
  6. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions and swap sides.


  • Type:
  • Strength
  • Main Muscle Worked:
  • Shoulders
  • Other Muscles:
  • Abdominals, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Triceps
  • Equipment:
  • Kettlebells
  • Mechanics Type:
  • Compound
  • Level:
  • Intermediate
  • Sport:
  • No
  • Force:
  • Push