weekly integrity tracking form

(Due Sunday at Midnight E.S.T)

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This form is being completed for which week of your training?
What is your intention for participating in this program?
How will your participation in this program add to your life?
What will we be celebrating at the end of your training that is the result of your quality of participation?
Where do you need to be at week 4 to reach your 12 week goal?
Where do you need to be at week 8 to reach your 12 week goals?
Where are you now?
Am I on track to reach my 12 week goal?
Are you open to breakthrough while in the programs?
Please list your commitments for next week (in detail) that will serve as a road map to ensure that you reach your goal.
Look inside yourself to see if you need to be supported in any way. If yes, in what area?
Please share the empowering thoughts or emotions associated with your training routine that you experienced this week.
Are there any thoughts or emotions that you want to share with us now?
You may be off track more than one area of your training. Choose one area (strength, nutrition, cardio, etc) that you are willing to work on. Then, go back into your week an discover the thoughts and emotions that stopped you from honoring your agreement and share them with us. We invite you to be as reactive or emotional as possible so that you can see how your mind is keeping you from reaching your goals. What did you NOT do or what agreements did you fail to honor in the area you wish to work on?
What was the first thought and emotion? Go back through your day and look for the first thought that opposed your agreement. You may notice that this thought occurred the night before while you were in bed. Do not filter your thinking or feelings for us. Be descriptive, if there were bad words please feel free to share those with us too. You have the freedom to share with us whatever you are thinking.
Now, go back in your day and discover the second thought and emotion you used to be out of integrity.
Now, go back into your day and discover the third thought and emotion that you usd to be out of integrity.
Does listening to those thoughts and emotions support you at reaching your goals?
In the future are you willing to allow yourself to have those thoughts and emotions and still act in alignment with your goals?
What are you getting from discovering the thoughts and emotions that you used to be out of integrity? If you noticed anything that will support you in the future please tell us. For example, you may notice through your process that your thinking or feeling was not true, that you contrived your thinking and feeling so that you were justified in not working out or eating right. In such a case you could tell us, "I created it this way so I could stuff my face". Or, you might notice that you over committed yourself so you were again justified at not honoring your agreement to workout or do cardio. In this case you could say, " I am committed to scheduling my day around my agreements to workout and complete my cardio."
Based on what you have gotten, are you willing to make a new commitment?
Is so, what are you now willing to be committed to? Write: "I am committed to.........."
What did you learn from participating in the conference call this week (or listening to this week's audio book)?
Will you be participating in the live conference call this week?
Is there anything else you wish to share with us at this time?
Please enter your partner's name, age, cell, email and hometown below.
Briefly describe the following: 1. What are your partner's goals for the course? 2. What is your partner struggling with? 3. What is your partner excelling at? 4. How are you supporting your partner? 5. How many times did you communicate with your partner this week (how)?
Is your partner in integrity this week with their commitments?